TFHMF Award, Supermarket Art fair, Stockholm 2014












Together with HeavyMerryFinland we started the new crowd-funded contemporary art award called the TFHMF award.
In short:

1. Participants themselves partially crowd-funded the organisation of TFHMF Award 2014 by paying a small participation fee.
2. The longlist selection of 25 artworks was selected by Tupajumi and HeavyMerryFinland.
3. The shortlist was selected by 7 International Jury Members.
4. The 6 finalists were presented at the SUPERMARKET Art fair 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden), were the visitors were asked to cast a vote on their favorite artwork.
In order to vote for their favorite artwork, we asked the visitors to donate a small fee in order to cast their votes, amounting in the prize money to be won.
5. The artwork with the most votes won the prize money raised by the visitors and the on-line crowd-funding campaign.
6. The winner of the first TFHMF award edition is Lukas Marxt, with the videowork: “Reign of silence
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