River of Hope, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm 2012













Exhibition “River of Hope” at Supermarket Art Fair,  Stockholm,  Feb 2012
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We are still filling in the details per each event, bear with us.

The concept:
Visitors were invited to fish a duckling for 2 euro.  It’s  was like the kids game during a carnival or a fair. When the visitor fished out a happy ducky, he/she turned it around and saw a number, if this number corresponded with the winning number shown on a board (chosen by the previous winner), he or she could pick out an artwork.  Off course the chances were slim!!

Just imagine that this game/lottery is so symbolic regarding the art world. Giving visitors the same chance of winning an artwork as artists have of getting famous. The same ingredients for success : luck and persistence.

Only a few artists are picked out of the pond by the gallery owner, artists producing work which is completely against the main stream,  bla bla bla, in short: beautiful !!

We placed an open call for artists to participate for the Tupajumi presentation at  SUPERMARKET Art Fair.
Visitors to our booth saw about approx. 40 artworks hanging on the wall/washing lines. All the artworks were donated by the artists.

Participating Artists:

Jolien Kramer, Olaf Mooij, Stefan Gross, Jeroen Kuster, Niels Post, Laura d’Ors, Ekaterina Mitichkina, Hidde van Schie, Felix en Mumford, Berenice Staiger, V&B, Mieke Fokkinga, Jord Schoppink
Inge Aanstoot, Ronan Lane, Mark Beerens, Witte Wartena, Marissa Rapard, Jan Koen Lomans, Anne Woëlk, Cristina Ampatzidou, Tramaine de Senna, Gijs Weijer, Laura Lappi, full list is coming.:

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