# sabbatical years plus preparing new platform, launch expected early 2020

# Apr. Presentation at SUPERMARKET Art fair 2016, Stockholm, Sweden.

# Sept. FITAX750 at festival “Kunst in het Witte de With Kwartier”, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
# June Presentation TFHMF award,  Platform @ Art Athena, Athens, Greece.
# May FITAX1000 at PARK, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

# July FITAX500 at W139 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
June FITAX500 at Geh8 in Dresden, Germany.
# Feb. FITAX1000 at ART Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
# Feb. Presentation TFHMF award, SUPERMARKET Art fair 2014, Stockholm, Sweden.

# July. FITAX500 at NEST, The Hague, The Netherlands.
# May. FITAX500 at MUU Galleria, Helsinki, Finland.
# Feb.”Added Value” competition at SUPERMARKET Art fair 2013 , Stockholm, Sweden.
# Feb.”Re:seller Show” at RE:Rotterdam Art fair 2013, The Netherlands.
# Feb. FITAX500 took place at RE:Rotterdam Art fair 2013, The Netherlands.

# Dec.  FITAX500 at MediaMatic Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
# Oct. FITAX500 at MUU Helsinki, Finland.
# Sept. FITAX500 at LUXUS LOFT, Berlin, Germany.
# Sept. FITAX750 at Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, The Netherlands.
# Aug. FITAX500 at KNIPSU, Bergen, Norway.
# July. “The River of Hope” Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium.
# June. FITAX500, Kunstweekend Charlois, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
# Feb. “River of Hope”, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden.
# Feb. Co-organized Re:Rotterdam Art Fair 2012, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

# Dec. FITAX750, TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
# Sept. FITAX1500 #2, Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany.
# June. FITAX500, NEST, The Hague, The Netherlands.
# May. FITAX1500 #1, Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany.
# Feb. “3D Tupajumi” presentation at Re:Rotterdam Art Fair 2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
# Jan. FITAX500, Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

# Dec. “Dutch Treat”, KNIPSU, Bergen, Norway.
# Jan. “Cabin Fever”,  Co-Prosperity Sphere , Chicago, USA.

“Tupajumi goes Miami”, Hudson Museum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Sept, Tupajumi International, Panhans Gallery, Sigmaringen, Germany.

May, “The White Show”, W139 Basement,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

# March, “The Stunning Show”, Kaapeli,  Helsinki, Finland

Previous Funding:
2016 Mondriaan foundation
2014 Mondriaan foundation & CBK Rotterdam
2013 Mondriaan foundation
2013 Mondriaan foundation & CBK Rotterdam
2012 Municipality of Enschede
2010 CBK Rotterdam
2010 Municipality of Enschede

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