The Tupajumi foundation is grateful for gifts of any size. Your donations help us to expand our network, carry out research, create exhibitions and organise art related events that would otherwise be impossible to produce.

The Dutch Tax Administration has designated the Tupajumi foundation as a Public Benefit Organisation, the so called ANBI status.
This makes your donations fully or 125-150% Tax deductible. Click the ANBI logo for more information.







If you appreciate the things we do and feel like making a donation or support us by any other means, please contact or You can also donate directly via PayPal or via our Bankaccount

Stichting Tupajumi
Triodos Bank
IBAN: NL92 TRIO 0390 3508 26

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If you make a donation of 50€ or more and you will receive an artwork (limited edition)

“The Aesthetical Abyss” by Ben Kruisdijk or “Hanging Loose in Camouflage” by Jeroen Jongeleen