FITAX750 Rotterdam, Sept. 11th 2015












‘Kunst in het Witte de Withkwartier festival’ teamed up with the Tupajumi Foundation to organize a new edition of the FITAX750 art-trade, thus offering an alternative way of wheeling & dealing art in Rotterdam. This 19th edition of the FITAX took place on Saturday the 11th of September 2015 close to WORM in Rotterdam.

The goal of the event was the direct exchange of art works between artists/ collectors and artists without any intermediate or money involved. The perfect moment to start a collection, to renew your collection or just to swap an artwork. The artworks were either made or owned by the applicant, which means that the participants were able to trade one artwork for another artwork of the same estimated value of approx. 750€.

Photo’s and participants list below:

Participating artists/collectors:
We are still filling in the details per each event, bear with us.

Marie Louise Elshout
Marie Civikov
Susanna Inglada
Frans van Lent
Maud Joanne Oonk
Joop Stoop
Lorene Bourguignon
Lisette Schumacher
Bianca Runge
Justin Wijers
Katrijn Verstegen
Jolande Vermeulen
Danielle Frenken
Anton Vrede
Astrid de Pauw
Wil Jansen
Floris Visser
Mayke Verhoeven
Hanneke van der Werf
David van Dam
Esther Schoonhoven
Erik de Bree
Stefan Kasper
Geertje van de Kamp
Tessa Biemans
Marielle Buitendijk
Anja Sijben
Bima Engels