FITAX500, Kunst&Complex, Rotterdam 2011





















The first FITAX: the FITAX500 took place at Kunst&Complex, 2011

#On the 15th of January 2011 Tupajumi organised the Fitax500 at Kunst & Complex in Rotterdam.
The First International Tupajumi Art Exchange was a fact. An art trading event were artists and collectors were invited to swap/trade an artpiece worth of aprox. 500Euro.

#The artpiece could be one they owned or created themselves. In this manner the participants could either expand or start their collection.

#Artists who were swapping artworks :
Jonquil de Vries, Jaron Korvinus, Abner Preiz, Niels Post, Dina Vos, Annegret Kellner, Ineke van der Wal, Jeroen Kuster, Aquil Copier, Stefan Gross, Mari Stoel,Simon Schrikker, Olaf Mooij, Laura d’Ors, Wil Jansen, Rozemarijn Westerink, Petra van Noort, Petra Groen, Marianne Fontein, Daphne Bom, Margrét Úrsúla Ólafdóttir Hauth, Margot Annuschek, Jolien Kramer, Jochem Rotteveel, Jeroen Jongeleen, Jan Koen Lomans, Anne-Marie Ros, Hinke Schreuders, Harriet van Reek, Geert Baas, Kees Koomen, Ronan Lane, Hidde van Schie.
some more photos.

Report by Kees Koome:

We are still filling in the details per each event, bear with us.