FITAX1500#1, Grimmuseum, Berlin 2011











A FITAX1500#1 took place at Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany, May 2011
some photos.

We are still filling in the details per each event, bear with us.

Last minute adjustments by Enrico Centonze.

All the tools are present for the essential DIY of hanging the artworks.

Crowd at the opening speech

Immediately the trading commences.

Another indecent offer is made to Ellemieke Schoenmaker by Laura d’Ors

Scouting for the artworks that are up for trade.

Discussion on a possible swap. Johannes Buss, Dagmar Atladottir & Ekaterina Mitichkina

Discussion on a artwork by Dagmar Atladottir and

Another possible trade going on with Jolien Kramer and…

Two happy traders: Marcha and Santiago Taccetti

Happy traders: Anne Woelk and …


Anne Woelk claiming her new aquired artwork by ….

Jonathan confirming the trade between:

Two other happy traders: Bérénice Staiger and Johannes Buss

Participants to the FITAX1500 at the Grimmuseum:

List will follow soon

We are still filling in the details per each event, bare with us.