Currency is a successful collective fantasy. Its power and worth are universally accepted, despite the fact that its assigned value is completely disproportioned to its actual, physical one.
Over time, currency has acquired validity—it became a true lie—upon which our entire economic system was built.

And although acknowledged as a valid form of remuneration, currency is inherently a risk, with a potential for failure no seal of authenticity—no matter how legitimate—can conceal.
Money is forged, stocks rise and fall, currency values inflate and abruptly burst. In the end, it’s just paper.

The art world is no stranger to the fallacy of currency. After all, art has its price tag too.
But what would happen if currency were taken out of the transaction?

FITAX, an experimental art event, endeavours to discover precisely that. In the exercise, handpicked artists, collectors and other market players gather their pieces in an exhibition space. They all rub elbows during a preview reception, where they set their eyes on their favourites. Later in the evening, participants try to swap their artwork in a free-for-all trading session.

With no exchange of currency, value becomes purely subjective, revealing a telling truth behind relative worth.

In short:
The FITAX stands for the First International Tupajumi Art eXchange. Every FITAX organized has a value stated behind its name.This value represents the value of the artworks which will be traded amongst the participants that specific evening.

For instance if it is a FITAX 750 or 1000 version it means that you will be able to trade one artwork,for another of the same estimated value which is approx. 750€ or 1000€, (You can enter with max of 2 artworks.) You can trade an artwork which is either made or which is owned by you.

The perfect moment to renew your collection, to start a collection, or just to swap an artwork.

Check the main website for a possible new FITAX edition or contact us to organise one near you!

See photos and more info on previous editions: http://www.tupajumi.com/new/?cat=4
or check list below:

# Sept. FITAX750 at festival “Kunst in het Witte de With Kwartier”, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
# May FITAX1000 at PARK, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

# July FITAX500 at W139 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
June FITAX500 at Geh8 in Dresden, Germany.
# Feb. FITAX1000 at ART Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

# July. FITAX500 at NEST, The Hague, The Netherlands.
# May. FITAX500 at MUU Galleria, Helsinki, Finland.
# Feb. FITAX500 took place at RE:Rotterdam Art fair 2013, The Netherlands.

# Dec.  FITAX500 at Mediamatic Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
# Oct. FITAX500 at MUU Helsinki, Finland.
# Sept. FITAX500 at LUXUS LOFT, Berlin, Germany.
# Sept. FITAX750 at Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, The Netherlands.
# Aug. FITAX500 at KNIPSU, Bergen, Norway.
# June. FITAX500, Kunstweekend Charlois, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

# Dec. FITAX750, TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
# Sept. FITAX1500 #2, Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany.
# June. FITAX500, NEST, The Hague, The Netherlands.
# May. FITAX1500 #1, Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany.
# Jan. FITAX500, Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.