New Projects for 2021








Tupajumi update:
Since our last public appearance at the Supermarket Art fair in Stockholm in 2016,
there has been a bit of a mysterious atmosphere of silence hanging around the Tupajumi foundation.
There have been no more public appearances, what happened?

To take the smoke out of your eyes: this silence was semi intentional planned, we, the board members,
thought that a change of action was needed, a new approach towards into living up to our own goals.
How could we serve our main goal “promoting the arts and artists “to the best of our capabilities
instead of simply offering exposure to artists via art fairs, exhibitions and such.

We came up with a new 2 new concepts.

So for the last few years, we have slowly been working on a transparent public crowdfunding scheme,
a system where we try to raise funds for artists projects while meanwhile bringing it under the attention
of several curators at the same time. We are now at the stage of finalizing all the legal requirements,
when this is all done we will probably launch this new Tupajumi project in 2021.

This project is called: Donationdonationdonation (work in progress)





Meanwhile a long time wish is also being developed, we are setting up shop for art that has been lying
in the stockroom for to long, more details will follow soon, the working title for this project is called
diamond hands (work in progress) a reference to the stock-market.





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